Programs Offered

Boys Basketball, Grades 3-8

Girls Basketball, Grades 3-8

Little Dribblers, Grades K-2

Boys Volleyball, Grades 5-8

Girls Volleyball, Grades 5-8

Boys and Girls Cross Country, Grades 3-8

Cheerleading, Grades K-8

Wrestling, Grades K-6

Football, Grades 7-8 (South Hills Saints)

John F. Kennedy Catholic provides many opportunities for students to participate in sports throughout the year as we compete against other diocesan teams and participate in various tournaments and competitions.  We strive to offer our students the opportunity to participate in an athletic program, which teaches sport specific athletic skills, teamwork, competition, and sportsmanship.

Our program provides opportunities for both boys and girls to become involved in basketball, volleyball, cross country, and cheerleading.  An Instructional Basketball Program (girls and boys combined) is conducted for students in kindergarten through second grade. Additionally, a wrestling team has been established to teach fundamentals and compete in meets and invitationals.

Comet Athletics are under the direction of our Athletic Director with the aid of the Athletic Association and a group of dedicated coaches and parents.  J.F.K. considers a Christ-centered, safe, instructional, and competitive athletic experience an important part of a well rounded Catholic education.  Comet Athletics has a rich, proud history and prides itself as having a newly refurbished gymnasium to support a wide range of athletics.  Sportsmanship, leadership, fundamentals, and team skills are the hallmark of Comet Athletics. 

The athletic program depends heavily on parents' involvement - from athletic board memberships to concession stand volunteers, coaches and cheering sections to chaperones. The dedication of our parents makes our teams successful.  If you would like to help with the program, contact our Athletic Director (