School Advisory Council

In striving to create schools which exhibit both excellence in every area of curriculum and a strong vibrant Catholic identity, the Diocese of Pittsburgh encourages each school to have a School Advisory Council.  

The School Advisory Council is comprised of parents who are committed to the good of the school community.  The job of the School Advisory Council is to support and contribute to the mission of the school by acting as a consultative and planning body.  The council does not have the authority to enact policy, but exists to offer advice, guidance, and support to the principal in specific areas as requested by the pastor, including the areas of public relations, student recruitment and retention, fundraising and development, and the strengthening of parental and community support for the school.

The School Advisory Council is to be comprised of nine to thirteen members.  Members serve a three year term.  New members are invited to be a part of the council by the principal and pastor.  Please contact the council at