Student Support Services

Student ServicesSupport Services, in collaboration with faculty and parents, are offered to students to help them cultivate their full individual and collective potential. Services are provided in the areas of counseling, reading, math, speech, and language. Direct support is offered to students through one-on-one and/or small group sessions, as well as classroom-based interventions, in coordination with faculty, to help identify and support students' personal and academic strengths.

Guidance Services
Guidance counseling services are provided to John F. Kennedy Catholic through Intermediate Unit I and TITLE funding.  The Guidance Counselor is able to present special topics in the classroom as well as provide individual counseling when requested by the parents.

Since John F. Kennedy Catholic School is located within the Washington School District, Washington School District is required to provide a nurse for our school.  The nurse manages the health records and performs or arranges the screenings and exams required by the state. 

Remedial Services
John F. Kennedy Catholic receives instructional support from Intermediate Unit I for students who have difficulty with math and/or reading. A support teacher tutors individuals and small groups. Students qualify for services by their standardized test scores.

Speech Services
Students in pre-school through fourth grade are eligible for speech services provided by Intermediate Unit I.  Students are screened on a yearly basis for speech/hearing difficulties

Bus transportation to John F. Kennedy Catholic  is provided by eleven surrounding school districts: Avella, Bentworth, Beth-Center, Canon McMillan, Chartiers-Houston, Fort Cherry, McGuffey, Peters Twp., Ringold, Trinity, and Washington.