Tuition rates are set in the spring for the following school year.  Parents are asked to complete an Intent to Return Form and enroll in the tuition management program. A non-refundable deposit (per family) is also required at this time.  If the student matriculates, the deposit is credited to tuition.  

Smiling GirlsK-8 John F. Kennedy Catholic School Tuition 2012-2013

If you are a member of a parish in the Diocese of Pittsburgh*:
1st child - $3,400
2nd child - $2,400
3rd child - $1,475
4th child - free
Half Day Kindergarten - $2,500

If you are not a member of a parish in the Diocese of Pittsburgh:
Each child: $4,100
Half day Kindergarten - $3,200

In addition to the basic tuition listed above, each family is responsible for raising $400.00 (per family) in profit from fundraising activities. Any family choosing not to participate in fundraising efforts will be assessed a fundraising fee of $400.00.  Any family participating in fundraising but not meeting the required $400.00 will be assessed the difference. Fair-share fundraising fees are billed through the school office.  Payments for all outstanding fundraising fees are due by May 15th.

* If you are not a member of Immaculate Conception parish, but are an active member of another parish within the Diocese of Pittsburgh, you are required to submit a pastor verification form.

Tuition must be paid by year end or student will not receive report card.   Pre-K, K and 8th grade students will not participate in graduation activities.