Tuition Assistance

We encourage families, who would like their children to receive an excellent, faith-based education, but are concerned about tuition costs, to review the following Tuition Assistance Programs.  These programs may be available to you and could help to lessen the financial burden associated with attending a parochial school. 


The Bishop’s Education Fund (BEF) scholarship is available for Catholic students in grades K-12 attending Catholic school and registered in Catholic parish. The scholarship is awarded based on financial need. Grants from the Bishop’s Education Fund range from $150 to $250  per child.


The Scholastic Opportunity Scholarship (SOS) is open to any student (Catholic or Non-Catholic) in grades K to 12 attending a Catholic school.  This scholarship is a result of the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC), established in 2001, which authorizes tax credit, against taxes owed, to PA businesses that make contributions to certain scholarship organizations.  In general, families with one dependent are eligible if the family income is less than $60,000; those with two dependents are eligible with an income less than $70,000 and so on. In general, grants from the S.O.S. Program Ranged from $100 to $1,800 per student.


Pre-School Scholastic Opportunity Scholarship Program (SOS) was also created as a result of EITC.  This grant program is open to any student (Catholic or Non-Catholic) enrolled in an eligible Catholic school in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

How do I apply? To be considered for the Bishop's Education Fund or the Scholastic Opportunity Scholarships, families must complete and submit the Private School Aid Service (PSAS) application. Applications are available in the school office beginning in January.  Applications must be submitted to PSAS by March 15th.


The JFK Scholarship is sponsored by our school.  It is funded by donations from local businesses and families who have a strong commitment to Catholic education.  It is available to any student kindergarten through 8th grade, whose family is experiencing financial need.    The Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Income limitations serve as guidelines.  Awards are based upon the number of applicants, the financial need of each family, and the amount of monies available for disbursement.  

How do I apply?

To be considered for the JFK Scholarship, families must complete and submit the JFK Scholarship application.  Applications are available beginning in May, and must be submitted to the school office by June 30th.

JFK Scholarship Application